We carry out welding work in Madrid

Welding work

At Talleres Calycer , in Madrid , we also offer welding solutions in any of the current specialties, with an important team of expert welders in Madrid . We offer quality welding work adapted to the needs of customers.


Our continuous commitment to innovation has made our company a safe and reliable bet.


We have welding solutions adapted to any need, mastering all current techniques, including the most advanced, and adapting each of them according to their suitability for each job.


Thus, we managed to significantly increase the quality of the joints and their durability in good condition, but also perfection in the finish, optimization of the duration of the work process and, of course, significant savings for our customers.

  • Autogenous welding.
  • Electric welding.
  • MIG welding.
  • TIG welding.
  • Arc, wire, electrode and argon welding.